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 PACK W/ ADD IN arance may vary. RAPTOR OVERVIEW

The Ford Raptor is an extremely capable truck that has captured the attention of the off-road community over the past few years. Since the Raptor’s release ICON Vehicle Dynamics’ engineers have pushed this vehicle to extremes to develop the most sophisticated suspension components on the market. From the brutal deserts of the Southwest, to the deep snow of Michigan’s U.P., to the wooded trails of the East coast ICON suspension systems have been put to the test and performed flawlessly. Unable to leave “well-enough” alone, ICON is aiming to once again raise the bar in Raptor performance with the release of a multi-rate leaf spring that represents the latest component in the ICON complete suspension system for the Gen 2 Raptor.


To fully take advantage of ICON’s current 2017-2020 F150 Raptor offerings, ICON engineers decided to scrap the OE leaf springs and develop a replacement that addressed a couple issues found in the R&D process. The result is a user-adjustable multi-rate leaf pack that offers a major performance gain for almost every Raptor setup imaginable. To increase the ride quality of the truck and gain additional droop travel, the spring rate was designed to be slightly lighter than factory, which was found to be on the stiff side for smaller, choppier terrain. While most Raptor owners will embrace the improved ride quality this provides, there are those who have outfitted their trucks with a significant amount of weight and require more load carrying capability. Understanding this, ICON engineers designed the leaf pack with an additional leaf (included with kit) that can be exchanged or added to the pack, yielding an additional 20% or 40% spring rate that will work well for heavier vehicles.


Features like tip inserts and leaf separators add to ride comfort, while a triple military wrapped front and rear half wrapped eyelet increases durability and strength of the leaf spring. A rebound leaf was added to reduce the axle wrap of the Raptor, which was another issue that has been found through ICON’s extensive testing. These features all combine for a ride that is night and day smoother on choppy trails, dirt roads, and even in the parking lot. No matter if its a spare tire, chase rack, a roof top tent, or more this ICON leaf spring is the perfect option for 2017-UP Ford F150 Raptors looking to improve the ride quality and performance with a reliable and proven bolt-on solution.




Option #1 (as shipped)


+1.00" lift height over stock (unloaded)


Option #2


+20% spring rate over Option #1


+2.25" lift height over stock (unloaded)


+1.00" lift height over stock w/ 400lb constant load


Option #3


+40% spring rate over option #1


+3.00" lift height over stock (unloaded)


+0.50" lift height over stock w/ 850lb constant load



TECH NOTE: Compatible with factory shocks

TECH NOTE: Not compatible with most aftermarket leaf spring shackles. OE shackles are recommended.

TECH NOTE: Does not require modification of factory exhaust system

TECH NOTE: Removal of the bed is not required for installation

TECH NOTE: ICON multi-rate leaf springs require bump stop spacer kit (PN: 95226) if ICON's hydraulic bump stop kit (PN: 95121) is not used

TECH NOTE: These leaf springs are sold individually. A quantity of 2 are required per vehicle.

TECH NOTE: Hardware kit part # 95225H required for installation (sold separately)

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