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RPG Offroad

Gen1 Stage 2 Rear Suspension Kit

Gen1 Stage 2 Rear Suspension Kit

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RPG Offroads Stage 2 kit will get you the industries best selling rear frame support/gusset kit with Fox 2.5" Airbumps. When adding the Stage 2 kit to your Ford SVT Raptor or F-150, you will not only strengthen the rear frame and gain the peace of mind you are looking for, you will also add more damping power because of the Fox Racing 2.5" Air Bumps. These are the same Air Bumps you will find on a good portion of the race cars competing in the Baja 1000. This product is also compatible with both OEM leaf springs and aftermarket springs.

Why pay hundreds more for less Top 10 reasons why you should choose RPG over the others!
  • • Over 1,000,000 miles of collective abuse
  • • 3 times thicker than the stock frame
  • • Only production kit to offer actual Baja Winning Fox 2.5" airbumps
  • • Strengthens whole rear frame, not just the weak sections
  • • Big enough and Strong enough to run 4" long airbumps to increase payloads and towing
  • • 100% Lifetime warranty on your frame support
  • • Able to run very little air pressure for smooth and controlled ride
  • • Double cross bolt design to eliminate inward frame movement
  • • Doesn't interfere with aftermarket exhaust options
  • • No gimmicks, just proven results with the offroad miles to prove it
Now for the long story of why RPG over the others:

The RPG system is nearly 4 times the size of other kits out there today.  The frame support is over 3 times thicker than the stock frame, and transfers the energy to a much larger cross section of the frame, and not just the inner weak part that has already proven itself prone to fail.  Unlike other systems that are out there, we also intentionally didn’t enclose the whole frame rail.  We left the inner rail open with the theory that in case of a rear-end collision, the frame still has a path of least resistance to follow.  Another major benefit of going with the RPG Stage 2, 3 or 4 system is the fact we use a full size 2.5” bump stop vs. a 2.0” bump stop that are typically only found in light buggies and mid sized trucks on the racing circuits.

The Fox 2.5” bump stop is the same bump that is used on nearly every wining trophy truck that Fox sponsors.  The reasons why you want to run a 2.5” vs. a 2.0” on your Raptor is the following.  A 2.5” bump stop has nearly 100% more piston surface than a 2.0 Airbump, plus has far greater amounts of fluid in the bump stop body itself to help with cooling the bump. This means you can run much less valving, much less nitrogen pressure and a much shorter shaft than a 2.0” inch like found on our competitors kits.  The Fox 2.5” bump stop only requires 2.5” of shaft travel vs. 3.75-4” of shaft travel with a 2.0”.  This results in a bump stop that sits further away from the axle. With the RPG kit you won’t be hitting the bumps around town on every dip, pothole and speed bump, and most importantly, your bump stop wont be the one controlling the ride, the shock will.  The only time a bump stop should be felt is in the last 15-20% of your full bottom out travel.  It should only be a last line of defense, not a ride characteristic tool.  The Raptor is a 6000lbs truck at a minimum, simply put, a 2.0” bump has to nearly max out it’s workable valving stack plus it’s nitrogen psi limits to control the momentum of our trucks on full bump travel. Our rebound valving is setup so it doesn’t interfere with the ride, and comes out fast as opposed to slowly like you will find on our competitors kits.  A fast rebound setup will prevent double bumping in whoop sections and allows for the bump to keep up with the whole suspension.  With our kit, you only need to run 90psi for both on road and offroad. There is no need to ever adjust it from there and it offers displays very little heat buildup which results in a much longer life span.

The RPG frame support offers a lifetime warranty for it’s original owner and for over two years now has been the most tested, most abused and best selling kit on the market with thus far (knock on wood) zero warranty returns.  We have the video plastered all over the website to prove that the RPG kit paired with a Fox Racing Shox bump stop is second to none.

What comes in the box:
  • • RPG Frame Support with Air Bump Mounts
  • • FOX 2.5" Air Bumps
  • • Grade 8 Hardware
  • • Axle Impact Pads
RPG Edition FOX Air Bumps:These RPG edition Fox bump stops were created to provide additional bottom-out control to maximize the Ford Raptor and F-150's entire suspension travel. Our bump stops where developed in conjunction with Fox Racing Shox to achieve ultimate performance within a compact and lightweight package, and are easily set up for any condition by removing the aluminum Schrader cap and adjusting the internal nitrogen gas pressure. The replaceable delrin pad ensures long lasting quiet operation.
Smooth bore & honed seamless alloy bodies Zinc plated for a durable, long- lasting finish Black anodized CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum Tunable velocity- sensitive deburred valve shims
Redundant sealing pack system, main seal, wiper seal, scraper seal Formulated for consistent performance at extreme temperatures Hard chromed 4130 alloy steel Replaceable Delrin bump pad

Video of the stage 2 system in action.

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